Monday, January 16, 2012

2 years of Sam

My littlest munchkin turns 2 today. What an incredible adventure these 2 years have been. Samuel has enriched our lives tremendously. I'm always amazed at how even the smallest children (even those who speak no intelligible words), can challenge us and teach us and bless us in such huge ways. Samuel has certainly done that. Thus far, the journey has certainly not been easy.
Challenges abound along the road. But, he can change all the frustration or discouragement or irritation you are feeling with one grin, one snuggle, one belly laugh, one garbled string of "words". Samuel is boy through and through and I am so grateful.
He loves to be wild, to be thrown higher than high, to be bounced, or wrestled, or swung upside down, to jump from inappropriate heights for a 2 year old. Hence, the ungodly number of black eyes and busted lips. He will hurl himself off the diving board- a water lover, yet hates having his hair washed and rinsed. Sam thrives on being around people he loves- always wanting more time with cousins. He loves trucks and trains and his winding race car track. There is no "medium" with Sam. He is either full-speed ahead or laser focused and still. He has tantrums with wild animal like ferocity; strong willed to his core.
He loves his sister, delights in his daddy, and adores his mama. He survives on Goldfish, crackers, peanut butter, and smoothies. His blanket is his constant companion. He often doesn't sleep through the night, and still drinks his milk from a bottle. He is not "normal", and I mean that in the best way you can imagine. He is unique and gifted and special beyond words. He is my son. My beautiful "melt me in an instant with his morning smile" boy.
I'm so blessed to spend my days with this little man. My Sam.
**Here are a very very short videos that just make me smile. They are horrible quality and even though my husband constantly reminds me to turn my phone sideways, I always forget and thus, the skinny vertical ones that are even worse :)

Sam's birth day

Sam, 1 year old

Sam, 2nd birthday

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A whole lot of pictures from 2011

Here are too many pictures that give you a glimpse into our year. Sorry for the overload.

Sam couldn't join in the fun last year so he watched longingly from the window. This year he can- if he stops boycotting gloves. We shall see...

Eva's snow-head

Sam's first birthday cake

One of a zillion times Eva dressed up like a princess in 2011.

The Zoo carousel

Eva's first birthday party at school. Cheesin' it up.

One of a zillion trips to long wood gardens.

Sam and his sidekick. Love this picture of the boys in my life.

Good thing Jill doesn't read my blog. I'm not sure she even knows I have one. This was one of the trips to the hospital when she was having strong contractions while Neil was still in Ethiopia with Gashaw. The look on her face just cracks me up- a picture speaks a thousand words- and so does a facial expression :)

Eva with Israel. She is SUCH a good cousin.

If you come to our house unannounced (which I am totally ok with), you have a very good chance of seeing Eva in one of her best outfits, like this one.

We spent a lot of time without clothes on in 2011. And by "we"- I mean my children. Promise.

One of 4 or 5 black eyes of 2011. Actually, it hadn't blackened yet in this picture. But, it has happened so much in his short little life, I can't even remotely remember what he did, but I am pretty sure it involved Judah...

Eva meets another cousin, Gashaw. This was his first day home after traveling with Neil on a LONG journey from Ethiopia.

Gashaw's first Phillies jersey.

God's grace: brothers and almost instant best friends.

There she is. (the black eye)

Eva in her Ethiopia dress from Uncle Neil and Gashaw. She looked really beautiful in it and she knew it. Her cousin was riding her around and she was waving to her admirers in "a parade". 

Papa takin' the kids for a ride. The car looks so funny with 2 massive carseats in the back!

Easter 2011. That's love, folks.

Here, too. Eva and Addie on Easter.

Spring/Summer/Fall 2011- the year of wearing a princess dress in ridiculous places.

That's my girl.

Eva and Caleb on messy day. Eva LOVES worms. I think you can see how Caleb feels.

Oh my word I love this kid's smile.

SAM ATE MEAT. He gnawed on that rib like it was the best thing on earth and then never ate anything like it again. Oh the joys of feeding Sam- they are never ending.

Who falls asleep like that on the back of a bike? Sam- the kid who didn't sleep almost all night on the way down to NC on our trip to the Outer Banks.

Kisses for mommy. I NEVER get these anymore. :(

The new swimmer takes the sport VERY seriously.


Mike and Sam's expressions. Need I say more??

Family picture night ended with Caleb and Eva in the water in their dress clothes :)

Trip to highland orchards

This girl LOVES her berries.

A fun day with the Weldon boys while Mommy and Daddy were bringing Emery home. We were very happy to be making a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts before a day of swimming!

Another black eye

Tea party with Penny

Nap with Penny. How sweet is that??

In 2011, we discovered a love for shaving cream bath paint that rivals that of candy and ice-cream.

Eva and her girl cousins

This picture just captures my girl's joyful spirit and I love it.

Strasburg railroad with Uncle Nate!!

Eva and Mommy on the railroad.

The boys wanted to dress up like Eva and I wasn't going to fight them on it...

Springton manor. She's super cute.

Bubbles!!! Sam LOVES bubbles.

Pure joy :)

We laugh a lot in our house. A LOT.

Judah and Sam are really good buddies. Judah takes care of him and loves on him and Sam ADORES Judah.

Eva never stops talking. EVER. She uses her hands constantly and her expressions are just ridiculous!


cousin sloane, Sam, and Eva on a walk

I am dinosaur- hear me ROAR!!!

Nothing gives the kids more joy than when daddy gets to stay home "FOR THE WHOLE DAY?!?!"

Sam and Liam (cousin) watching the workers pave our street

Poor kid has to listen to his sister sing constantly. Look at those faces!

My gorgeous 3 year old. Not looking 3- at all. It's very upsetting.

A summer fave- picking berries from the tree and shoving them into pockets, baskets, bags and everything else she could find.

Yo, yo, yo, What up?

Eva and the baby chicks at Cherry Crest farms. She was so in love.

Eva and Addie- burlap sack slide. SO FUN!

Im telling you- no personality in this one...

Papa Wells and Sammer

Princess Runway Party!!

Eva & her friend, Morgan, at the party.

My little cow.

October 2011 SNOW.

Polar Express- First timer.

Silvermist for Halloween

my monkey and my fairy

Eva with her friends, Penny and Morgan.

they really love each other and it blesses me

me and my girl

once again, poor guy.

that's one adorable kid.

family Christmas pic

West Chester Christmas parade

the girls at the parade

Sam and Daddy. 2 peas in a pod.

he loves the piano.

Eva at our fancy Advent dinner- crazy hair from pretending to be Mary constantly for the entire month of December, and no clothes on. We really know how to do "fancy" here at the Wells house.

Christmas performance at church

Give my girl a microphone at your own risk. I had nothing to do with it.

Christmas morning. Curious George DVD!!

Eva and her princess Barbie collection. She gave 3 of them away when we were going through stuff to give to kids in need this week. Love her generous heart.

The Whitnah family- 19 of us.


We're the Wells family. We currently consist of Michael (husband and daddy), Lauren (wife and mama), Evangeline (daughter and princess), and Samuel (son and prince). We live a pretty simple life loving the many blessings that God grants us each and every day.
Mike is a genius carpenter/contractor and works throughout neighboring counties. Lauren stays at home with Eva and Sam most of the time, but works a few days a week as a therapist.
More than anything else, we love being together as a family- trips to the gardens, swimming at Grammie and Papa's house, and bike rides & walks are probably our most frequent activities. We're surrounded by our family (siblings and parents); they all live within 30 minutes of us!
That's us in a nut shell.
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