Just wanted to give you a quick update on the baby, since I had an ultrasound today. The ultrasound was to check his size because I have consistently measured small. Good news- although he is small, it's a non-issue. He's in the 20th percentile and looking very healthy.
There is some information that is not so good that I figured I might as well share, since it will most likely show up in the pictures everyone will be asking for when this baby comes! I don't have a lot of information, but here is what I do know. They found a "growth" on his right cheek (the cheek on his face, unfortunately).  The doctor said that the most common thing that it could be is a hemangioma, but there is no way to know for sure until it can be evaluated after he's born. They do not know the size and there is no recommendations for doing anything at this point.
So, we are a little nervous, but feel great that Sam is very healthy otherwise. We must wait and see. Living in the uncertainty sucks, quite frankly. But, we are trusting in the Lord to continue to guard and protect him and believe wholeheartedly that He will- He is a good and faithful God!
We appreciate your prayers- ours is that this thing would stop growing (and even begin to shrink) immediately and that no action (like surgery) will be needed after birth. However, we know that no matter what happens God is holding our boy in the palm of His very capable hands.

Growth is approximately 1 cm, and the doctor feels fairly confident that it is a hemangioma. There is a small possibility that it is not there at all because the doctor was not able to get a very good view of his face because of his position and lack of fluid. We are feeling really hopeful and at peace. Thanks for all your prayers!