Saturday, January 23, 2010

One week ago, we welcomed Samuel Elias Wells- our son, our delight!

Samuel has arrived and already brought us incredible joy in these five short days as the 4th member of our family. We named him after the Samuel of the Bible- his name means "answered prayer" or "asked of God".  Hannah asked God for a son after being barren and God graciously answered her prayer with Samuel. We, too, prayed for another child and God answered our prayer with Sam.  His middle name is Elias, which means "The Lord is my God". This is our prayer for Samuel- that the Lord would truly be his God, and he would desire to serve Him above all else.
Here's what has happened thus far:
It all started last Wednesday and Thursday when, overnight, I had contractions that were as close as 8 minutes apart, but they completely disappeared during the next days.  Friday evening I went to bed with contractions 20 minutes apart or so and figured it would be the same story over again, which was getting pretty annoying. But this night was very different- about 3 hours after going to bed, I woke with very strong contractions about 10 minutes apart and thought maybe, just maybe, this would be it! Within 2 hours, they were fluctuating between 2 and 5 minutes apart so I thought I'd better call the doctor.  She told me to come to the hospital. Finally! Despite the incredible pain that was coming every 1.5 minutes by the time we were on the way to the hospital, words cannot express the overwhelming joy that I felt at the very thought of meeting my son.
One thing that you don't want to happen is to have a baby anywhere AWAY from where you planned! The contractions were coming fast and furious on the way to the hospital (1.5 minutes apart- so much for being admitted when they are 5 minutes apart as recommended) and we thought it was actually a possibility  it could happen! But God protected us and we made it- when finally in our room at the hospital, I was at 8 centimeters and progressing fast. About an hour and a half later at 5:28 am, I was 10 centimeters and ready to push. Samuel came to us 1 minute later at 5:29 am. Yes, it's true- 45 seconds of pushing and out he came. Don't hate me!
He is absolute teeny-tiny perfection! He's a little guy- born at 6 lbs, 3 oz and 20.25 inches. Mike and I spent the next few hours soaking him in, and praising the Lord for the gift of his precious life! There was no growth on his face, which was a concern based on my last ultrasound. We firmly believe that God miraculously healed Samuel in my womb. We serve such a good God!
We brought him home 24 hours after he arrived because we wanted to be able to be with Evangeline- she wasn't allowed at the hospital because of H1N1 concerns. Samuel was looking good and I felt okay, so they released us and we took our precious angel home with his big sister.
She's been funny with her little brother. She doesn't pay much attention to him, except for the occasional, "Hi Sam" as she skips past him, or "He's cute" as she leans over him sleeping. We also have gotten quite a few, "You touch it mama!"  She seems to be adjusting okay, but she's had daddy home all week to pay attention to her when I can't. It could be a whole different story come Monday. We shall see.
Sam is doing well. He sleeps constantly and we have trouble keeping him awake for feedings- probably a result of his jaundice, which is finally resolving.  He had to have blood drawn twice this week to check his levels. At one point we thought he'd have to be admitted to the hospital to deal with the problem, but once again God proved faithful and answered our prayer that Sam's levels would not be high enough for an admission.
Our house has been crazy- full of family and friends who are surely falling in love with our boy, just as we did the moment we knew he was due to join our family. We certainly have enjoyed their company, but are also enjoying a day of peace with just the 4 of us, too! Mike and I often find ourselves gazing at our 2 precious kids thinking, "How did this happen to us?!" We know that we do not deserve the blessings that have been bestowed upon us- God's grace has showered us with gifts that we could never have earned. We praise Him for His goodness to our family.
Here's a few pictures of the week!

In Labor- about an hour away from meeting Sam.

Our boy in his first moments...

Proud Daddy with sleepy Sam.

First family photo

Grammie and Sammy

Mommy and Daddy

Cousin Addie with Sam

Our little angel

Brow furrowed, as usual...

First bath- one of the only pics of Eva b/c she's been refusing to get in one with her new brother

All fresh and clean after first bath

Napping in the sun to help with our jaundice issue

Special thanks to my mom who stayed over THREE nights to help us! You rule, mom!

Who sleeps with their hands like that?? (He's borrowing his big sister's blankey)


Sarah said...

What a blessing, Lauren!!! I am so thankful that you were both able to go home so quickly and that little Samuel is doing better and better with each passing day ;-) And it's great to hear that your labor went so well!!! Amazing! I only have a few more weeks to go...I'd love to chat with you if possible before then. If not, I'll keep you posted. God bless all of you!!!

Andrew and Brooks said...

YEAH!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! What a great birthing experience (hard I am sure, but 45 sec of pushing is amazing!) You look awesome in every picture! Can't wait to see more pictures of Samuel as they come! LOVE the name! What great meaning!

"May the Lord bless you and keep Samuel. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace!"

Sharon said...

He is such a cutie, Lauren. I love reading your updates. :) And wow, does he look like Mike or what - especially in the picture of him furrowing his brows! He's a mini-me!

Lizzie said...

Hey there Lauren,
Glad to hear that your delivery was quick. I was praying for your son and that he would not have that growth on his face that the dr. talked about. what a blessing... praise the Lord he is healthy and fine. Well, many blessings as you adjust to having two little ones now.
What a blessing they are. I have a son and daughter as well and feel so blessed to be a mom.
Just wanted to say hi and let you know I was thinking of you.
In His Joy,
Liz (Johnson) Trostle


We're the Wells family. We currently consist of Michael (husband and daddy), Lauren (wife and mama), Evangeline (daughter and princess), and Samuel (son and prince). We live a pretty simple life loving the many blessings that God grants us each and every day.
Mike is a genius carpenter/contractor and works throughout neighboring counties. Lauren stays at home with Eva and Sam most of the time, but works a few days a week as a therapist.
More than anything else, we love being together as a family- trips to the gardens, swimming at Grammie and Papa's house, and bike rides & walks are probably our most frequent activities. We're surrounded by our family (siblings and parents); they all live within 30 minutes of us!
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