Thursday, February 18, 2010

Evangeline Joy-celebrating her first 2 years!

My dear Evangeline turns 2 years old today. The past 2 years have come and gone so quickly it takes my breath away. I remember so vividly her first couple of months and how completely overwhelmed I felt to be responsible for her precious life. Mike and I felt helpless at times knowing how much she needed us because we were so clueless as to what we were supposed to do next. Things have changed so drastically- now I know her, really know her. I can understand almost everything she says. I know her likes and dislikes. I know what her expressions mean and what cry to listen for if she's "really" hurt. I know how she likes her shoes tied and what outfit is her favorite. I know how to rub her back when she's sleepy and what songs she likes to have sung before drifting off (God is so good & I Love you Lord if it's Mama, and In Christ Alone if it's Daddy). It's amazing how the journey goes. We started off as strangers and are now the love of each other's lives. I am so blessed to be her mama. I know I won't always be the one she holds most dear to her heart, but I am treasuring every moment I get while that is still true. It's amazing to think about how much she loves me- she really does love me! How amazing is that?
The joy this little tiny person has brought into our lives brings me to tears; it's astonishing. She is so beautiful with a smile that makes me melt. She has the most incredible spirit- loving and gentle, generous and kind, genuinely joyful. And her energy!! Oh how her energy knows NO bounds! God has truly developed the most amazing person within my daughter. I cannot believe how blessed I am. She makes my heart so very happy!
She's growing up to be a little girl; she isn't a baby anymore. I've already noticed the process of having to let her go little by little. I hate it. Hate everything about it. But, God has been more than generous in allowing me to parent her even for this short time. I am constantly reminded that she is His, not mine. He has simply entrusted me with nurturing her to be the woman that He created her to be, and I have committed myself to doing that to the best of my ability. I trust that He will correct the mistakes I'll make- I have to...
I still sing her the song that I made up one night when she was only a few weeks old. She was crying hysterically and I couldn't make it stop, so I just started singing anything that came to my mind. She seemed to like it, so I kept singing it. It's totally ridiculous and goofy, but she likes it.

Evangeline, my beauty queen
Evangeline, you're the cutest I've seen
Evangeline, so long and lean
You're my Evangeline
Evangeline, so squeaky clean
Evangeline, you're a dream
Evangeline, quite a scene
You're my Evangeline

If you ask Eva what she wants for her birthday this year, she will happily proclaim she wants, "A BIG ONE cake". What can I say? She loves cake! She doesn't take after me at all :)
I'll bake her one today and the BIG ONE CAKE will arrive at her party this Sunday.

Eva on her Birth Day

Eva on her 1st Birthday

Eva today, on her 2nd Birthday

We love you, Evangeline! Happy Birthday!!


Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl!

Sending warm wishes and hugs from our entire family!

God bless you all!
The Samters

From one mom who understands not wanting to watching the littlest one be so big - how did I become a mom to a 15 yr old???

Andrew and Brooks said...

Happy Birthday Eva. I love the song your Mommy made up for you! One day Asher was screaming his head off in the car and the only the song that made it stop was The Wheels on the Bus. We came up with the funniest verses, just to keep the song going and crying stopped! Wish I could remember them all!

Hope you have a blessed day Miss Eva!

Sharon said...

What a cute post. I can't believe she is two already, and that you have another child! Happy birthday Eva. :) I thoroughly enjoy your posts, so keep them coming...


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