Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blogs you should be reading

I'm over-choosey about what blogs I read. I don't have time to follow very many, so I want to read only those that edify me in some way. Here are two blogs that you should be reading. I promise

1- Under the Sycamore by Ashley Ann Campbell. I've been following her for about 2 years now, I think. Her most recent post sums up my feelings about what I strive to teach my kids perfectly. She is amazing and inspiring. At the very least, read this post.

2- Forever a Family by Alison Lake. She is an amazing young mom and I know her because she was in my small group Bible Study a few years ago. She is walking through one of the most difficult situations I could ever imagine. It makes my "infertility story" seem like a cake walk. You MUST read her story because it is the most amazing picture of what it looks like to give God all the glory, to rely on Him completely, and to have mountain-moving faith all while traveling through an immensely painful journey. You will be challenged and you will be blessed. Start at the bottom. There are only 5 posts- it's a brand new blog, so it won't take very long.

An ordinary doctor's appointment

This is what Tuesday meant for us. I'll just give you the basic run-down.

Picked Eva up from school a few minutes early for her doctor's appointment. She was to get her "spots" re-treated since they didn't go away completely after the last treatment. It isn't painful and she was totally ok and prepared for it.

She asked if she had to get a shot on our way. I thought the doctor had the flu mist immunization, so I told her that I didn't think so.

Arrived at doctor's office.

Taken back to the exam/treatment room and saw the nurse. Asked about flu-mist and was given the TERRIBLE NEWS that they did not have it. Of course, at this point Eva didn't know what I was talking about. And, side note, she has never been awful with shots- never one of those kids that freaks out and has to be held down. She even had to have blood drawn twice over the summer and was scared, but not terrible.

The doctor comes in (who she loves) and I decide that I should probably give her some time to let it sink in that she does have to get a shot. I say in my sweetest, calmest voice, "Eva, I have to tell you something. I was wrong about the shot today. You do have to get a shot and I am so sorry. You are going to be just fine, I promise. I am so sorry that I told you you didn't have to and I was wrong."

Cue wailing. Cue meltdown. Cue complete refusal to let the doctor treat her "spots" (weird bumps on her arm).

Doctor said we will do the treatment another time. If she rubs her arm and doesn't let the acid dry, it will be a problem. I agree and we just decide to do shots (including a flu shot for sam and I).

Then he looks at her chart and says, "Oh, and we need to do her 2nd Hep A, too". Fabulous.

He then left and I was left to try to calm her for 25 freaking minutes (it has never taken so long- no idea what the problem was). Nothing I said, no reward I offered, would even remotely calm her.  She was totally hysterical for 30 minutes by the time the nurse came.

Nurse enters. Cue even more hysteria. I am first and Eva watches. She gets so upset she starts gagging. I know what is coming, so I say to her, "Evangeline. Take a deep breath. You are going to throw up if you don't calm down. See, mommy is fine. It didn't even hurt. See? I'm fine. Breath. Stop gagging."

Then I am holding Sam. She is crying and watching. More gagging as the needle goes in his leg and he starts to whine. Sam is done and I look over at her and know it's there- it's coming out at any second. I throw Sam at the nurse and get Eva to the trash can. She vomits and she hasn't even gone yet.

Sam cried for about 3 seconds. She is still hysterical and now even more so since she threw up. IT'S HER TURN!

It took both the nurse and my full strength to hold her down. She is fighting and screaming and like I have never seen her before. Nurse gives the 2 shots and she is gasping for air. I scoop her up and notice she is soaking wet. She stops crying, and looks up at me with a terrified look on her face. "Mommy, I PEED!" she wails.

My child who practically potty trained herself in a day and was dry overnight since her first day of potty training and has had only a handful of accidents was so terrified of a shot that she peed herself.

Off with the undies. Off with the leggings. Off with the shoes that were full of pee. Clean up the exam table that had pee dripping off of it and down into the cracks where you pull out the drawers and foot stool.

During "operation clean-up", Eva looks up at me and says, "Mommy, the shots didn't even hurt really bad". Cue internal rage, which quickly dissipated and turned into a laugh, "See, Eva, that's what I told you. You didn't trust me. Mommy never lies to you. You can believe what I say. You didn't trust that I was telling you the truth and you didn't trust that Jesus would help you."

I wrapped the clothes up in paper towels, put them in the bag, and had to hold Eva (so that she didn't completely flash the waiting room). Sam would have to hold my hand.

Walking out the door Sam falls and nails his head on the wall. Cue wailing. Cue instant massive goose-egg accompanied by a scrape that starts bleeding.

I scoop him up. Run by reception yelling at them to "bill me" and run through the waiting room with 2 screaming kids- one almost naked and the other with a huge bleeding bump on his head.

It was awesome, and we didn't even accomplish what we went there for. Isn't that totally rad?

On a more positive note, that has turned into an ongoing conversation about trust and bravery that has been very challenging for her. She now recognizes that she didn't trust me and that she allowed herself to become overcome with fear instead of asking God to help her to be brave. It has been eye- opening for her and that has been so neat to watch.

Also, I share this store mostly just to amuse people. I do know that there are many people who have an ordinary doctor's appointment that becomes something so much worse when they get bad news or something is seriously wrong. I am grateful that despite a lousy appointment, I have healthy kids. God is good!


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