Monday, January 4, 2010

A look back at 2009

What a crazy year it has been! Full of fun, transitions, rejoicing, uncertainty, frustrations, questions (& answers).  We have relied on God to guide and direct us this more this year than any other that I can remember, and for all that brought us to that point, I am grateful.
As I look back on 2009, I am struck by the faithfulness and goodness of God interwoven into every aspect of our lives. He has blessed and protected us and those that we love dearly.  There are several people close to us that experienced loss and heartache this year- we know that even in the midst of that pain, God is in control. He sees the "bigger picture" and holds those who suffer in the palm of His hand.
Some of the struggles that we currently face will continue into 2010, but we trust God fully as we make every effort to align our steps with His word, and His will.  For now, though, I am taking a walk down the memory lane of the year 2009, which was full of love and laughter in so many ways. Feel free to join me.
In addition to describing the pictures (italics), I added some parts of the journal I keep for Evangeline (in quotes), and some other random events that might have happened each month.

January: First snow of the year (Lauren sledding with Eva and Caleb);  Eva begins her "tongue" stage
"You are the most beautiful girl in the world! But, more importantly, you have the most beautiful spirit".
Aunt Heather is pregnant- Praise the Lord and many thanks to Dr. Goldberg for helping yet another Whitnah family member have a baby!

February: 2 of my favorite pictures of her; Eva's first birthday
Eva walks!
"I pray daily for God to give me and your daddy wisdom to know what is best for you, patience to wait in whatever ways are necessary, and compassion to see you the way He does. Parenting is so fun, but also terrifying. I fear that I will mess you up and then realize that it is inevitable! But, God's grace is strong enough to fill in the gaps that we miss".

March: Eva is beginning to look less baby, more little girl; Eva hits a really good "nap stride"

April: Mandie's wedding- I did her bouquets and arrangements (they were some of my favorites); Easter fun; taking advantage of a random 80 degree day in April
Eva really gets the hang of signing this month, and starts really trying to talk
"Judah is absolutely enamored with you and is all over you constantly. He walks in our door, says, 'where's Eva?', goes over to you, puts his hands on your face and squeezes while his whole face shakes. It's one of the funniest things I have ever seen."

May: Eva chooses "Judah" as her first word, and looks longingly for him out the window; Mama and her little angel
Lauren is pregnant with baby #2

June: Eva's first trip to the zoo; her obsession with her helmet and life jacket begin as we prepare for summer
"You are my Evangeline- my angel, my treasure".

July: Eva makes her flower girl debut at Aunt Lauren (Mike's little sister) and Uncle Nathan's wedding; I did Lauren's bouquets and her's was another one of my favorites

August: Eva's 2nd trip to OBX and the beach; Mike baptism; Baby Sloaney
Niece/Cousin Sloane McFarland Whitnah is born!
Mike is baptized at Providence Church by Neil.
Eva's obsession with jewelry gets out of hand this month; she also gets a little crazy over vinegar marinated cucumbers.

September: Lauren revealing the sex of baby #2- it's a boy!; Young Family Adoption Yard Sale- one of 3 sibling fundraisers to help our sister and brother-in-law adopt a baby (over $3,000 raised)!
We start the basement refinishing project!
"You are sleeping peacefully right now. Daddy and I still go into your room every single night and pray over you. I could watch you sleep for hours."

October: Eva & Caleb at Mommy & Me Music; enjoying tea with her baby (such a little girl!); Halloween with her cousins
Mike's Uncle Richard dies of muscular dystrophy
Eva moves to the big-girl bed (see previous posts for information on that insanity)!
Aunt Sara and Aunt Dawn are pregnant!

November: Lauren at 29 weeks; Eva bouncing- a new favorite; one of many trips to Longwood Gardens throughout the year
The basement refinishing project is done!

December: Gingerbread house extravaganza at our house; Eva all dressed up on Christmas Eve; Eva and Caleb enjoying stockings from Grammie; the whole Whitnah Clan
Aunt Sara's baby is going to be a girl!

2009 is behind us and 2010 is ahead. We have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to. We are truly blessed beyond measure and cannot even begin to express our gratitude towards those who love us and encourage us every day. God has used you as instruments of joy in our lives.

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Keshet said...

What a great way to recap the year on your blog! And what an incredible year it has been for your beautiful family. May God bless you even more in 2010!


We're the Wells family. We currently consist of Michael (husband and daddy), Lauren (wife and mama), Evangeline (daughter and princess), and Samuel (son and prince). We live a pretty simple life loving the many blessings that God grants us each and every day.
Mike is a genius carpenter/contractor and works throughout neighboring counties. Lauren stays at home with Eva and Sam most of the time, but works a few days a week as a therapist.
More than anything else, we love being together as a family- trips to the gardens, swimming at Grammie and Papa's house, and bike rides & walks are probably our most frequent activities. We're surrounded by our family (siblings and parents); they all live within 30 minutes of us!
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