Friday, May 6, 2011

10 annoying things

That happened in the last couple weeks...

10) Sam pooped in the bath. And by poop I mean diarrhea. Eva was in the bath with him when he "pooped".
9) We have an ant problem in the kitchen and Sam has taken a liking to smashing them with spoons, which he can now reach in the top drawer.
8) Eva chipped her tooth when she got sassy about not getting ice-cream & flung her head down on the couch.
7) Sam peed on Eva's bed. Got that cleaned up. Sam peed on Eva's rug. Cleaned that up. Sam peed on Eva's carpet and bed-skirt. Working on cleaning that up & learning to get a diaper on that kid immediately after taking him out of the bath. (Aren't they supposed to pee right when they hit the water?!?!)
6) Sam pooped in the bath again.
5) The dentist appointment for Eva's chipped tooth- Got lost 3 times on the way there. Parked in the wrong parking lot, and had to walk 3 times as far in the pouring rain carrying both kids and obviously no umbrella. Had to chase Sam around the dentist office for 70 minutes during appointment. (Eva did great).
4) Sam barfed in the carseat.
3) Eva barfed EVERYWHERE, including all over herself and in her hair, minutes AFTER taking a bath. (This was a result of being upset about the chipped tooth- she barfs when she becomes hysterical. It's super fun since she isn't dramatic or high-strung at all).
2) Sam's biting has gotten worse and worse and his favorite is to stand behind me while I am cooking and chomp away on the back of my thigh. Isn't that neat?
1) Eva has been waking up about 3 times per night. She's been worse than an infant lately.

So, why bother sharing?
1) To remind myself that Sam clearly has problems with "output", so I really should be more on top of this by now. I'll do better :)
2) To remind everyone to plan for appointments to last a painfully long time and read signs to make sure you are in the right parking lot.
3) To simply stand in awe that if these are the most annoying things I can think of for the last couple of weeks, then we are blessed beyond measure! How great is my life?!

I have awesome kids that have really improved my gag reflex.

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