Saturday, July 16, 2011

Delighting in Daddy

Last year, I posted an entry about Evangeline drawing all over herself with markers while on Daddy's watch. But I am constantly thankful for an amazingly fantastic husband who, as a dad, despite the "marker-like" occasions, completely blows me away! He truly is the best dad, and it's obvious that his children adore him by the way they absolutely delight in his presence.  He can make them laugh until their bellies ache and nothing comes out of their mouths but gasps and squeals!
He's a "get down on the floor and roll around" kind of dad, a "throw up in the air and almost give mommy a heart attack" kind, too. But, most importantly, he's a "squeeze 'em and kiss 'em and love 'em like crazy" kind of dad.  He's the kind that never hesitates to go to the preschool Christmas party even though he knows he'll be the only dad there. He'll have his toes painted, and is an expert nail painter,  too- even when Eva insists on hot-pink. Mike loves our kids with tenacity. He is a real-life, concrete example of how God loves them with even more intensity.
He's extremely sensitive and doesn't hesitate even for a second to show his kids just exactly how important they are to him. The other day we were talking about a friend of ours whose daughter is about to graduate from high school. We remember very clearly when she was a bouncy toddler and it truly seems only a few years ago. I casually said, "Eva's gonna be going to homecoming before you know it"!  I looked up at him and there were tears in his eyes- just the thought of our precious girl in a homecoming dress instantly made him well up. He asked if he was going to get to come along to pick out her dress- we shall see if he has the stomach for that one :)
My husband is a gift to our family. He sacrifices daily to make our lives what they are and we are grateful for all he has given. He's a tireless worker (at times working up to 4 jobs- carpenter, plowman, beachbody coach, & Rustin HS diving coach) and is the best example of hardwork and perseverance I can imagine.

I wouldn't choose any other man to be Evangeline and Samuel's daddy if given every man in the world to choose from. He's truly the best!


a blog full of weldons. said...

mike is such an awesome dad!! what a beautiful post!! and that pic of him throwing sam in the air???? took my breath away. yeikes!!!!!!!!!!

Flinn said...

I love this! You and Mike are SO AMAZING!!! I love you guys, and those stunning children of yours!


We're the Wells family. We currently consist of Michael (husband and daddy), Lauren (wife and mama), Evangeline (daughter and princess), and Samuel (son and prince). We live a pretty simple life loving the many blessings that God grants us each and every day.
Mike is a genius carpenter/contractor and works throughout neighboring counties. Lauren stays at home with Eva and Sam most of the time, but works a few days a week as a therapist.
More than anything else, we love being together as a family- trips to the gardens, swimming at Grammie and Papa's house, and bike rides & walks are probably our most frequent activities. We're surrounded by our family (siblings and parents); they all live within 30 minutes of us!
That's us in a nut shell.
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