Monday, September 12, 2011

Update on the home front :)

Well, once again, I have neglected the blog. I am really the world's worst blogger, but I just can't bear to shut it down because it's such a nifty little place where I have documented a lot of what has gone on in the past couple of years.

So anyhow, I have also been doing some more projects around here. Here are a few pics of the latest :)


(Ikea 6x9 Erslev rug, white)

(I dyed it navy blue in the bath tub- trust me, it was not a fun process)

**there will also be another after because I am also painting it, because it has not been enough of a pain in the A** yet.

JEWELRY FRAME w/lace and hooks
(lovely heart print with pink frame, Goodwill)

 print removed, with the lace

(this all came out of my jewelry box- 
now there is actually room for the other stuff in there, which is finer chains, pendants and bracelets)

What can I say? I am a sucker for a cheap, fun, useful project, which all of these are :)

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Faith said...

love that you are doing so many little projects. i having at least 20 projects ready to begin. wishing i was doing one of those today instead of putting our bathroom back together after the plumber pulled my entire closet apart.
keep crafting. it's inspiring!


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