Monday, September 7, 2009

Productivity is glorious!

Labor day weekend was, in a word, productive! There are few feelings that satisify me quite as much! On Saturday Mike installed a picture-perfect egress window in our soon-to-be-finished basement. We had equipment laying in every nook and cranny of our yard and very large machinery sitting in the parking spaces. My husband GOT IT DONE! In ONE day!! Evangeline was mesmerized by the whole process (see photos). We stuck around for the first couple hours, and then we went to my mom's (Grammie Whitnah) for nap time.


At Grammie's house, while Evangeline was napping, my sister (Jill) and I re-decorated my mom's family room. We don't exactly agree whole hearterdly on every nuance of the process, and if you know my sister, you know there is no point in arguing. You just say, "Yes captain Jill" and MOVE ON! I must say that it looks great and feels so cozy and warm. My mom and dad are very pleased!
When Mike arrived at Grammie's later in the day, he and Eva enjoyed the pool and hot-tub. Eva somehow ended up naked and I figured I wouldn't fight it (see photos). Afterall, I had lost many battles with Jill throughout the day, why fight another losing battle? So my naked, and especially adorable, pumpkin skinny-dipped with daddy (he wore his suit- no worries). S'mores followed. Perfection!

On Sunday, we landscaped the small beds around the house that had to be dug up for the window project. Clarification: Mike dug and spread mulch and moved plants and even a tree (more photos). I sat on the bed of his truck and told him where to put things. Ah, the joys of pregnancy. It truly does have it's perks! Then, it was back to Grammie Whitnah's house to finish the odds and ends of the re-decorating of the family room and to celebrate my mom's 56th birthday. More swimming, birthday cake, and more love than one can take in.

Finally when today (Labor Day) actually arrived, we decided not to labor at all. Spent an easy-breezy morning at home and then picked up a Craigslist find RIGHT DOWN THE STREET (awesome!)- a new glider for the next baby's room. The day was overcast, which for me means that I don't have to worry too much about sunscreen, a rarity in this fair-skinned family! We loved the jeans and long sleeves weather and took advantage with a long afternoon in the park. I didn't even sweat! A wonderful day with my favorite people- over way too fast!
The next several months will be stuffed full of basement finishing and fixing up the new baby's room. That's the goal at least. Eyes on the prize! Time's a wasting...

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