Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're having a...

BOY!!! Another momentous day! I know there is much disagreement about whether or not one should find out the sex of the baby they are carrying. Recently a friend asked me, "Don't you like to be surprised?" She cracked up when I responded, "Of course! I'm in for a big one on Tuesday!" I can't understand the "surprise" mentality- was I not surprised when the ultrasound technician looked over at Mike and I and said, "You're having a BOY!"?? In that moment, pregnancy changed for me. It changed with Evangeline, and it changed with this still-nameless angel baby boy. For me, I feel much more connected when I find out what I'm having. The excitement begins to build, whereas in the beginning, I'm just kinda of.... well, waiting. I can't help but dream very specifically for my little one once I know the sex.
So, yes, it's a boy! God has blessed us richly- far beyond what we ever could have asked or imagined and far beyond what we deserve. I can hardly contain myself knowing that in 4.5 short months I get to meet my little boy face-to-face. We are over-joyed at the news. Of course, I would have been equally as over-joyed with the news of a little girl, too. It seemed that every other day I had ideas of "this or that if it's a girl" or "this or that if it's a boy". I honestly wanted both a boy and girl! It's hard to express in words, but as soon as I knew this baby was a boy, I could sense that this exactly what our family needs. The peace that comes from knowing God is sovereign overwhelmed me. All happens in His time, for His purpose. Praise the Lord!
We had the whole family (siblings and parents) over to reveal the sex tonight. It's a Whitnah "tradition" of sorts and we call them "sex parties". (I know, how risque!) It was such fun to celebrate the soon-to-be addition to the family. Now they've all left and Mike and I are here alone just reveling in the idea of our SON. We have a SON!!!??? What an amazing feeling.
Now, I can stay focused and put my energy where it's needed. First on the list, my angel boy needs a name! I'll keep you posted...


Susan said...

congratulations on the exciting news! little boys are so much fun. oh, and welcome to the blog world. hope you don't mind if i follow along! :)

Renae said...

Congrats!!! That is so exciting!!! Now you'll get the best of both worlds!!! :-)

Andrew and Brooks said...

YEA FOR BOYS!!!!!! Lauren, found your blog from Fbook. So excited to find out you are having another and a baby boy at that! I have loved having a boy (though I have nothing to compare it to :) I am sure no matter what though, that he will be a gift and joy form the Lord! Blessings friend!


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