Sunday, October 4, 2009

Eva makes the big move!!!

In preparation for Evangeline's brother, due to arrive in January, Mike and I had been discussing what to do about the crib/bed situation. I felt, and still do to some degree, that my little angel-baby was not ready to face this transition. She's a crazy girl in bed, moving and turning and practically doing somersaults every couple of minutes. How in the world were we going to handle this situation??
I personally was all for getting another crib- ya know, "just bite the bullet because she's not even close to ready". Mike was feeling much more confident and felt we could start the process in a few months since baby boy will be in a bassinet in our room for a couple months. Well, my darling little princess made the decision for us this past week. I may not have ever told you that she is quite the climber; I am truly amazed at what this 19 month old can scale. I tell you, she will probably be scaling walls with just her bare fingers and toes in no time at all.
I went in to get her after a nap the other day only to find her straddling the side railing (which was up all the way) and holding on to the front of the crib. She was riding a horsey! How fun!!! I couldn't quite believe that this had happened so fast. I grabbed her down from the side before she fell (I feel like quite the hero since we avoided any injury), and knew we had to come up with a plan.
So, after discussing the plan for approximately 10 seconds, it was decided that it was indeed time to move to the big girl bed- Mike was steadfast that this was the best plan. I am still questioning the wisdom of this decision since clearly my little angel baby is NOT a big-girl. Why in the world would we move her from her cozy and secure crib into the world of infinite freedom known as "big girl bed land"?
TODAY was the day. Crib and changing table out- check. Bed in- check. Mattress shopping (chose a Serta)- check. Sheet, mattress pad, quilt shopping- check. Wash new stuff- check. Make new bed- check.  Nap time- DEAR GOD!!! Why we went into naptime without a plan is beyond me. I put her down to start and did the normal routine- story, rock, sing, kisses, lay her down. Funny how the "lay her down" part didn't go quite like it did in the crib. I decided after about 5-10 minutes of her running from side to side on the bed, jumping, and getting in and out, that I needed a definite strategy. I recalled the infinite wisdom of the Baby Whisperer, which I read about a dozen times when I first had Eva. It just came to me like a little gem from God himself :)
I stopped chasing her down and telling her "lay down" and giving her the blankey, yada yada yada. I just laid her down without giving eye contact or any verbal response whatsoever. When she stood up, I laid her down again. It went on for about 35 minutes- I probably laid her down about 100 times- and then Mike came up because he heard her yelling for "dadda". "No luck with mom", she thought??" I'll get him for sure". And, she would have, except that savvy mama relayed the instructions upon leaving the room. Mike knew by my look that I meant business. Ten minutes later, we had a sleeping baby. A baby sleeping in her brand new big girl bed :) Granted, the nap was only an hour, but I'm still calling it a success for day one.
There were a few moments where it was impossibly hard not to respond- like when she touched my face gently and said, "so soft", or grabbed my nose while giggling and squealing and said "honk honk".  I had to turn my head because I couldn't hold back the smile on that one- she caught me and giggled even more.
This evening she was asleep after only 10 minutes- she was exhausted from her too-short nap. We'll see what the night time holds. I'm prepared for disaster, but praying desperately for success. Time will tell...
see the video here


Barb said...

Oh how sweet! Yep, if they're climbing out - best to be safe(r) and provide a softer, closer landing!

Gate on the door? or is that not working either?

the weldons said...

she is so sweet in her big girl bed! too cute that she did the "honk honk" :) by the by, did you paint that beautiful wall mural?? lovely!!!

Kate said...

adorable. i hope it works and you get some sleep!

Renae said...

That's so funny she knows how to work the system with both parents! Hope she's doing better with the bed :-)


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