Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prayers for my kids

I wrote a letter to Evangeline that I shared when we dedicated her at church when she was about 9 months old. I recently wrote a letter to Samuel as well, although we still haven't publicly dedicated him. We plan to do that at the next opportunity. I thought I would share these prayers here. This is our heart for our kids, and we are not ashamed to say it to anyone who will listen.

To Our Precious Evangeline Joy,
It is hard to even begin to express the love that we feel for you. We are so grateful to God for you- our most treasured gift from the Lord. We are in awe of His goodness towards us- He entrusted us to be your mama and daddy. We don’t deserve you, pumpkin! Our God is so gracious. It’s impossible to comprehend that God has blessed us with such a perfect little girl. For the first 5 or 6 weeks of your life, every time we looked at you we cried.

Everything about your life is precious. You were prayed into the world by many people of God before you were conceived, Angel! We have watched God orchestrate each and every moment to His glory. We praise the Lord because He revealed Himself to so many people through the miracle of your life. There were many moments before you came to be that we struggled with doubt- wondering if we would ever have the blessing of a baby and crying out to God to help us understand the pain and loss we had faced. When we got the news that you would be coming we cried out to the Lord to guard and protect you. We knew that there was nothing we could do in ourselves to keep you safe. He was so gracious to honor our request and blessed us with the gift of you! It’s easier to see His purposes now: YOU are the baby God had for us! Without the previous struggle and loss, you would not be here!

Our hearts desire to honor you and your life by honoring God, who gave you to us. We pray over you every single day that God would fulfill all of His purposes for your life. We pray also that you would be obedient to the call that God placed over you even before you were conceived. Angel baby, our God knew you then and he knit you together just as you are! We pray that God would grow in you the knowledge of Him and His Word that you may do great things for His Kingdom. When you were in my womb I dreamt that you would be a witness for the Lord and that your faith would far exceed that of ours. After that dream I began to pray that God would give you a double, triple portion of faith! Your name is a reflection of that dream- Evangeline, the bearer of Good News! We believe and stand in faith that not only will God draw you to Himself and you will accept Him as your Lord and Savior, but that you will also evangelize many with the Hope and Joy that we have in Jesus.

As your daddy and mommy, we commit today to make our marriage a priority. We desire to be an example to you of love, respect, and honor towards another. We further commit to be an example of daily quiet time with the Lord. We know that our words and actions are a direct reflection of our relationship with Christ, so we promise today to make Him the 1st priority in our home. We are not, and will never be, perfect, but we will continually ask God to grant us great favor in raising you to be the woman He desires. We ask Him also to give us wisdom to help guide and direct your steps so that they align with His Word.

As we dedicate you to Jesus, there is great joy and a little pang in our hearts. We acknowledge today that you are not ours and we surrender you to the Lord. We plead with Him to guard you and protect you, to command His angels concerning you! Mostly, we pray that He would glorify Himself through your precious life.

Today, we praise God for what we can already see is a sensitive spirit and loving heart in you. We are so thankful that he has allowed us to nurture and love you. We wait in great anticipation knowing that God loves you desperately, even more than we, and will do great things in your life. Our lives’ greatest joy is being your daddy and mommy.

We love you, Precious Evangeline.
Daddy & Mommy

Dear Samuel Elias,
What a treasure you are! Every night as we stand at your crib and look down at you, we are reminded of God’s faithfulness to us in entrusting you to our care. We are so blessed to be your daddy and mama. We know that we do not “deserve” you or your sister- there is nothing so wonderful that we have done that God gave you to us. Instead, in His infinite mercy and grace, He has allowed us to have you for a short time to raise and nurture and teach. We promise to do that to the absolute best of our ability, knowing that we must rely on the Lord to help us and give us wisdom every step of the way.

When we found out that you were coming, we immediately began to pray for your life.  We asked God to protect you in my womb and that you would grow and develop exactly the way that God designed. Again, as He has been so many times, He was gracious and honored our request and you arrived on January 16th, 2010. When we found out you were a boy, we were absolutely delighted! We prayed fervently for another baby before you were conceived and believed God to work a miracle to bring you into the world. This is why we named you Samuel, which means “asked of God”. We chose Elias as your middle name (“the Lord is my God”) because that is our overwhelming desire for your life- that you would choose the Lord your God and serve Him with everything you are given. We pray every day that God would fulfill all of His purposes in your life and that He would help us to raise you toward that end. We are such imperfect people, though, Sam! We will fail you. We already have in some ways. We believe and trust the Lord to cover over our shortcomings so that you come to know Him and love Him in a mighty way.

We know that you are going to be a mighty warrior for the Lord. You are such a strong boy! Even now, at 6 months old, we can see this character trait developing in you and we praise the Lord for that gift. We also see that you are incredibly joyful and delight in the presence of those who love you the most. You are certainly fearfully and wonderfully made by our Creator- we know that full well and pray that you do, too, as you grow and find your identity in Jesus. We ask the Lord to grow in you a desire to know Him more and more fully each day, and that, at a very young age, He would reveal Himself to you and you would accept His gift of salvation.

We plan to publicly dedicate you to the Lord at the next available opportunity, just like we did with Evangeline. As we do that, and as we did with her, we renew our commitment to make our marriage a priority. We pray that our love for one another is a reflection of the Lord’s love for you! We also commit to making time with the Lord a daily occurrence in our home through prayer, reading the Bible, and sharing our hearts regarding spiritual things. We see so clearly that our words and our actions are a direct reflection of our walk with Jesus.

Today, in our hearts and in our home, we surrender you to Jesus. It is our joy to do so, just as Hannah did with her Samuel in the Bible. However, in all truthfulness, it is difficult to hand you over to Him. Our flesh so desires to be in control even though we know that you are in capable and loving and perfect hands. Acknowledging that you are not ours, that you are His, is freeing and painful at the same time. Yet, we rejoice that the God who has overcome the world holds you close. We pray Psalm 91 over you- that God command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways, that no harm befall you, that no disaster come near your dwelling in Jesus’ name.

We love you more than you could ever know. You are a treasure, Samuel.  Our greatest joy is being parents to you and Eva. You have made our lives richer and fuller, precious boy!

Daddy and Mama

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ok, these letters are AMAZING! so beautiful and special for such beautiful and special kids! something they will cherish for the rest of their lives!

oh, and ps...pls send me a shot of your fridge...i bet it's spic and span and everything that is right in the world :) haha


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