Friday, February 25, 2011

DIY- and i'm no crafter...

Eva has a bulletin board type thing with ribbon that criss-crosses it that my sister made.

She loves tucking special little things under the ribbons and admires them on a daily basis. I wanted one for Sam, too, but I knew I wasn't going to pull off what Jill did for Eva. I thought it would be nice to use some of the leftover wall-paper we had from his "picture frame" wainscoting room project. You can see it in the bottom right of this photo.

I found these magnetic boards at Ikea, $13.00, and figured it would be super easy to cover it in wall-paper and use magnets to attach some special momentos.
I bought two, because I had another idea for Eva's jewelry. That's next.
Here is Sam's board (Mike is going to hang them this weekend):

Eva has acquired quite the collection of jewelry in her short little life. Her love of all things shiny and sparkly and girly has gotten her quite a few gifts that fall into the "bling" category. It was all just a tangled mess in a drawer until I saw these boards and had this idea to organize it all. Now it can be worn, and enjoyed!  
I simply "wrapped" the board in wrapping paper- literally like you wrap a gift. And found these magnets at that work really well. This would be great for a little crafting station, too. I hung a pair of large scissors on one of the magnets and it held just fine. It also needs to be hung this weekend. 

Eva's loving hers. Sam is not all that impressed. Oh well.
TOTAL COST: Sam, $17 (board, magnets); Eva, $23.50 (board, magnets, wrapping paper)

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Andrew and Brooks said...

I love it Lauren! Those are awesome and would also make great baby/older kid presents for friends!!! Might have to copy you! :)


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