Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 6

Yesterday, I tried hard to distract Evangeline from the calendar. My goal was to get her to wait until Mike got home from work to open the pocket. Last night, after dinner, she was chomping at the bit to get in there and see what activity that little pocket held. She pulled out a little "shrinky dink" flower.  Eva LOVES flowers. Really, really loves them! She was so excited when I told her we would be planting a flower called at "Amaryllis"- her pronunciation is darling.
I explained to her that God makes the flowers grow, and He makes them beautiful and strong. How amazing and how gracious that He does the same for us when we believe and trust in His Son, our King Jesus! I told her about what flowers need to grow- sun, water, soil- all things that God made. And that we need things from God to grow, too. Not just physically, but in our relationship with Him and others. Mostly, we need to spend time with Him and remember Him throughout our days. Then, we planted the ugly bulb (I told her that sometimes we act ugly, but when we ask forgiveness and say we are sorry, God is faithful to make us clean and beautiful again) and we will watch it grow into a beautiful flower. She was very precise about the whole process and really enjoyed it. Finally, we praised God for all the gifts He's given us- our friends, our family, our beautiful King Jesus, and the flowers He made!

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a blog full of weldons. said...

fantastic idea!!! where are you getting all of these great advent ideas????


We're the Wells family. We currently consist of Michael (husband and daddy), Lauren (wife and mama), Evangeline (daughter and princess), and Samuel (son and prince). We live a pretty simple life loving the many blessings that God grants us each and every day.
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