Friday, December 10, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 9 & 10

OH!!! I just knew this would happen! We missed a day :(
Things just got away from me and it didn't help that Eva was ASLEEP (not in bed, but ASLEEP IN BED) at 6:30 pm. So, today (lucky girl), we got to do 2 activities and we are now all caught up. But, these were 2 of my favorites so far, I think.  Day 9's pocket held a paintbrush and palette shrinky dink. Eva drew it out and looked at it for a few second before wildly declaring, "We're gonna paint! We're gonna paint!" She did quite the little happy dance. Eva LOVES art projects of ANY kind, and she especially loves paint! It's key that it's washable because it ends up literally everywhere and countless shirts and pants would be ruined if not for that amazingly washable stuff :)
I printed coloring pages from the internet that had various Christmas themes and she chose a few to paint. I then pulled out the glitter to her incredible delight (she loves ALL things sparkly) and let her go to town! As we painted, we talked about what was in the pictures (Jesus in the manger, the Christmas tree, the little drummer boy, etc) and I also explained to her how art can be used as a way to glorify God. "Just as a gift like singing can be used to praise God, so can drawing and painting or any other talent! Like the way you dance for Jesus!"
This all tied in quite nicely with Day 10's activity: showing someone that you love them. She pulled a heart out of the pocket and I told her that today she was going to find something to do to show someone that she loved them. At Christmastime, we remember that God showed us how much He loved us was when He sent Jesus to be born on earth. That way, our King Jesus can understand everything we go through! We talked about the endless possibilities for ways she can show love and she came up with some of the most darling ideas (kiss them, make cookies for them, play with them, be kind to them, pray for them, color for them, sing for them, dance with them, give them a toy, etc.). In the end she chose her Papa (my dad) who came over for dinner tonight. He's alone since my mom is in Oklahoma City for the week, and I think Eva thought he needed some Christmas cheer :) She chose to show him how much she loves him with a kiss and a sparkly Christmas painting that she was oh-so-proud-of!

Trying to choose which one to paint first

she was VERY focused

Sam joins in with some "puffs"

That's the look when I gave her the sparkly glitter

She was quite liberal with the glitter. My house is covered in it...

Pulling out the 2nd shrinky dink

Check out that hair!

Delivering the finished product to Papa- "This is to show you that I love you!!"

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