Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve Service- Advent Calendar Day 23

Eva pulled a little church shrinky dink out of the pocket yesterday, symbolizing one of our favorite Christmas traditions: attending the Christmas Eve (or in this case, Eve Eve) service at our church. This year, Eva got to participate by singing a song with her friends on stage. It was absolutely hysterical. Here is the proof...

Foster & Rowan aren't quite sure what happens next

Eva is equally confused


Foster & Rowan are settling in and feeling more comfortable

Rowan is getting crowded out here and Addie has no idea where she is supposed to go...
Oh, & Eva's dress is clearly too short (oops- should have tried it on).

The kids' clearly did not retain what was learned in their rehearsal.
None have a clue what is going on.

I think maybe one child is singing along with all the adults lined up in front of them.
 Addie still hasn't found a spot to stand on the risers yet.
At least a few of them are smiling...
Oh, and Addie found a spot directly behind Eva, whose feet are now precariously dangling off the front.
A nice test of balance.

Bennett leads the charge- time to sing, folks!

Foster and Eva show us how much fun they are having.

The boys' expressions here could change my foul mood anyday.
I'll be coming back to this photo frequently for a good laugh.

What should I be doing, mom?

Eden steps down- not quite sure when she got up there- and Eva's  test of balance just got a lot harder.
Oh, and Judah, how nice of you to join us :)

Eden is making a run for it- she's probably thinking there is no room for her.
She's got a point- look at Eva's feet...

Foster- "What's she doing?"
Eva- I can stay on these risers- YES I CAN!
Check out the Witmer girls- perfectly behaving and singing. How'd you do that, Kesh??
Judah- I don't think I need to say anything else about him.
Eden's heinie...
Foster- "I still don't know what I should be doing right now?!?!"

Poor guy- I think he just wants this to be over.

Eden has recovered beautifully

In the middle of the song- "I am going to be Mary and hold baby Jesus like this", she says very matter of factly.
What the heck?

Rowan- I promise this will be over soon!!
Does it seem like anyone is singing here?

She's so stinking cute!

Rowan is relieved it's over,
Foster is hoping that it is, &

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Hi, I'm Susan! said...

absolutely hilarious! love the commentary!


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