Monday, January 10, 2011

I forgot her "Thankful Feast"!!

Yes, WAAAAYYYYYY back in November was this lovely holiday we all adore- it's called Thanksgiving and it reminds us to be grateful and not take all of our blessings for granted. And, it rocks because we get to have an amazing meal, which, hopefully in your house, is followed by PIE (which I love and is my mom's specialty).
Anyhow, Eva's school had an ADORABLE "Thankful Feast" and all her family members were invited to attend. Eva brought mommy, Grammie and Papa Whitnah, Grammy Wells (aka, Gammo), and Sam. There was a performance by several classes in the beginning, followed by the feast. Eva was REALLY excited about the event and thought it was so special that her family members got to come see her at school. I was almost as excited as she was at the thought of seeing my baby girl in her first school performance. Here are some pictures that capture how it "all went down", and please note- I use that phrase for a reason. 

  pre-performance- Sam and Papa (like twins in their navy/green plaid) wait for it all to begin. 

 Figuring out where she belongs...

 The kids in her class take their places.

Eva spots me and gives a big ol' wave! 

 Still "all smiles" at this point, so I was feeling good 
(if I remember correctly, a few classmates were already crying)!

 I think she was the only one who bowed her head and closed her eyes for the prayer-
several people made comments to me later about how sweet this was. 
I have to admit it kinda made me melt :)

 My nephew, Caleb (yellow and navy stripes), was one of a couple nose-pickers. 
There are always a few of those, right?

The show has JUST begun and you can see that Eva is unhappy. What you cannot see is that she is wearing a "noodle necklace" and just before this picture, one of the pieces cracked and fell on the floor. She tried to fix it to no avail. 
It may be a noodle necklace, but we all know how much Eva loves her jewelry... 

She is trying to hold back the tears. 
Meanwhile, Lily decides it's time to take a load off and has a seat :) 

She can't contain it anymore. By the way, at this point, several songs had been sung and NOT A WORD OUT OF HER MOUTH & NOT A SINGLE ACTION DONE. She had known EVERY word and EVERY motion. 

Mrs. D moves in to help manage the meltdown!

 Look at the variations in expressions in this picture. Caleb looks as though he may crack, too.

 The tears eventually stopped. They actually lasted a VERY long time considering the whole performance was 10 minutes or so!

 They are dismissed to their parents and I guess she just let it all out when she saw mommy!

 Time for the feast. Those tears were nothing a little snack couldn't cure.

Mrs. K checks in. Eva LOVES both of her teachers. 

 CHEESE! (with cookie in her mouth)

 Eva told me I had to put this picture of Mrs. D on here- "She's listening really good, mama, just like at my school. My school is Windsor Christian Preschool." 

 Eva's classmate, Lily. She couldn't be any cuter.

 Mrs. D loving a little on Eva-girl.

 There she is! My girl is back :)

 Strangling, er, hugging, her classmate Monica. 

The funniest thing about the whole ordeal was that 3 teachers came up to me afterwards when they saw us together and told me that she was "the star of the show" in rehearsal- she sang and danced with a perfect smile. One teacher told me I "have to enroll her in dance class!" That's the Eva I know, but boy, this performance really threw me for a loop!

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